Lacquered Paper pots by Nendo

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A collection of small boxes created with a 3D printer that pastes sheets of paper one by one.

The laminated paper is then cut, carved and hand finished with a coating of Japanese urushi lacquer, which is made from tree sap.

The lacquer is adhered thickly to the edges of the accumulated paper, and pulled at the paper's surface, resulting in a mysterious texture like wood grain.

Limited production.

6 box sizes available from largest to smallest:

Box A W120 x D120 x H75mm $1250
Box B W100 x D77 x H63mm $1150
Box C W82 x D90 x H60mm $950
Box D W95 x D55 x H55mm $925
Box E W75 x D58 x H55mm $880
Box F W55 x D50 x H35mm $775

Made in Japan.

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