Oji Masanori Brass tool holder - large

This kitchen tool holder is made of sand cast brass which leaves the outside with a crude texture. The holder has a low center of gravity so it won't fall, even when storing tall ladles, or tongs.

The interior of the tool holder is lined with tin, which is highly water resistant and easy to clean. The bottom is lined with silicone so it won't mark your counter.

Futagami is located in Toyama – Takaoka City, a city known for its brass statues. it is one of the oldest Brass casting companies in Japan. Masanori Oji joined a workshop at Futagami to learn more about the process of casting brass after he had the idea to design a brass bottle opener. Upon completion of the workshop Masanori proposed to design a line of living wares for Futagami. The collection won an award from “Interior Lifestyle Tokyo” later that year.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Masanori Oji’s brass products are produced using the “sand cast” technique, a raw form of casting that leaves a unique sand-like texture on the surface. Some of the products are then polished or hammered depending on the desired texture.


diameter: 9.6 x H15cm

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