Nendo Corona Globe

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Nendo had this to say about the design: "Watanabe Kyogu makes high-spec, hand-applied globes at their educational products firm in Soka, Saitama Prefecture outside of Tokyo. We wanted to take full advantage of Watanabe Kyogu’s high level of craftsmanship. We were also interested in creating a new kind of globe that would be more emotional, rather than simply presenting information.

By reducing the amount of information, and rendering the oceans in white and landmasses in black, the corona globe highlights the reliefs of islands and coastlines. A globe’s stand should complement the globe, so we created a gentle curve that recedes rather than standing out, and powder-coated the steel for a fresh, gentle finish that blends with the globe’s lustrous surface.

Dense paper / Powder-coated the steel

15 cm / 25cm diamter versions available

Made in Japan

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